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GWEFODE’s theory of change to improving the wellbeing of women, youth and other marginalised groups is that of economic empowerment of women and financial inclusion. At GWEFODE, we recognise that poverty and dependence are invariably linked with violence and human rights abuses. We aim to deliver women’s economic empowerment through promoting Self-Reliance, Self-governance and Social economic development for women and girls.

Our mains to achieve female economic empowerment is through:

  • Training individuals in skills such as agriculture, nutrition, food security, women’s land rights, business and financial literacy for sustainable economic success

  • Establishing nature-based enterprises for income generation like charcoal briquettes production from agro-waste biomass, bee keeping, commercial trees, fruits and vegetable nurseries, improving productivity and establishing value chains for nature-based enterprises and finding sources of financing to scale -up these enterprises to promote an environment for women’s participation in private sector climate and biodiversity investments

  • Establishing Village Savings and Loans Association (VSLA) and supporting its transformation into an influential and empowering body for women and girls