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Practical and Theoretical training. Each department will receive a manual, visual training (South African Grading council) and a personal hands on training.

At Sparrow Hospitality Training, our on-site training provides a uniquely personalized and customized approach tailored to each establishment. Prior to the commencement of training, a comprehensive hotel audit is conducted by a mystery customer, offering an unbiased evaluation of your operations. This audit allows you to gain insights into how customers perceive your brand. Whether the feedback is positive or constructive, it serves as a valuable tool to enhance sales and identify key areas for improvement through training.A detailed report will be provided before the training begins. In the hospitality industry, training becomes essential to cultivate robust, skilled teams capable of delivering exceptional service to customers.


By prioritizing sales, we aim to shift the mindset of your team members, ensuring the utmost success for your hotel. We implement reward systems that actively encourage and motivate sales performance.


Sparrow Hospitality Training curates each sales plan to fit the needs of your hotel through your specific objectives and sales goals.


  • Front of house: Training and SOPs
  • Reservations: Training and SOPs
  • Housekeeping: Training and SOPs
  • Prep Cook/Line Cook: Training and SOPs
  • Food safety and Hygiene Training and SOPs
  • Waiter service and Wine service and SOPs
  • Restaurant manager Training and SOPs
  • Social Media Training
  • General Manager: GM/HR training, compulsory for all departments