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Participatory Governance and Gender Equity Advocacy (PAGEA)

GWEFODE’s work is to

(a) Promote Participatory Governance using Rights Based Approach to programming and gender equity in development as well as participation in decision making through developing capacity of CSO’s and Local Governments to apply and use the approaches in planning and implementation of development programs.

(b) Empower Local Governments and CSOs to adopt gender equity Budgeting approaches in development programs and support processes deepening the participation of marginalized groups particularly women at all levels of governance.

(c) Monitor and advocate for implementation of laws, policies and programs that promote gender equality and women’s empowerment. GWEFODE works with policy makers, men and women in local governments, Police, relevant ministries, other women’s organizations at all levels to undertake activities such as capacity building of women leaders that will positively influence governance in Uganda, sensitize and train women in human rights, political and leadership skills in order to raise the level of human rights awareness and practice, Mentoring women to participate in decision making processes, Supporting women to acquire leadership and political positions

(d) Raise citizens’ consciousness of their rights and responsibilities, and empowers them to effectively participate in governance and demand accountability from their leaders for effective service delivery. For democracy to thrive, citizens need to become committed to its cause, defence and promotion. Citizens have the right to participate in governance as a premise and not a favour bestowed by the government.