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The Human Rights and Leadership development program focuses on advocating for community recognition and respect of human rights especially of the marginalized such as women and the ability to participate in political leadership, Conflict resolution, domestic violence prevention and support by mobilizing communities to act against all forms of Violence against Women and Girls (VAWG), monitoring, documentation and reporting on the situation of women rights in Uganda.

Under this program area, GWEFODE will build and sustain women’s leadership to articulate and claim their right to peace and personal security and to advocate for the formulation and implementation of gender–responsive laws, policies and programs that secure peace and good governance in Uganda.  GWEFODE will facilitate processes that strengthen institutional and community capacity to uphold, defend and fully respect women’s rights including the right to live free of any form of violence and discrimination. Respect of women’s right to peace and security is a fundamental human right that is absolutely essential for promoting and achieving good governance in Uganda.

The program also focuses is on mobilizing women including young women with leadership potential and building their capacities to understand better how governance and electoral systems work; how women leaders build their political and social base and clout, how they manage successful campaigns; how they make use of their social and political networks to mobilize resources; and most importantly, how and where to apply their negotiation, research, public speaking and writing skills to advocate for gender responsive policies, programs, work plans and budgets to improve the living conditions of women in Uganda.

GWEFODE works with policy makers, men and women in local governments, Police, relevant ministries, other women’s organizations at all levels to undertake activities such as capacity building of women leaders that will positively influence governance in Uganda, sensitize and train women in human rights, political and leadership skills in order to raise the level of human rights awareness and practice, Mentoring women to participate in decision making processes, Supporting women to acquire leadership and political positions

The Human Rights and Leadership Development Program has 3 major components

Participatory Governance and Gender Equity Advocacy (PAGEA)

GWEFODE’s work is to

(a) Promote Participatory Governance using Rights Based Approach to programming and gender equity in development as well as participation in decision making through developing capacity of CSO’s and Local Governments to apply and use the approaches in planning and implementation of development programs.